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  8. Hamishe_Sabz,In general, Nima Shirazi’s views are not the same as those of NIAC and Trita Parsi. In any case, agreement of 2 people on a given issue does not imply one is on the pay of the other. Otherwise, one would wonder if you’re being paid by the Flat Earth Society. However, regarding what you call Shirazi “defending the AN,” I’ve added my comments below.
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  10. LOL, Phil Fulmer isnt going to coach at ISU. This is a huge rumor. ISU couldnt afford Fulmer, and Fulmer isnt taking a paycut to come coach at ISU. He will take a couple years off and when a big program calls he will answer. Anybody who thinks Fulmer is even remotely interested in ISU needs to check into a looney bin….LOL, Fulmer the head coach at ISU, dont insult my intelligence.
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  19. It’s a numbers game for money, age and roster spots.Driver has to go and Gurley gets his shot at being the #5 receiver next year. They’ve likely made a promise to him that he’ll be on the roster next year… if they don’t live up to that promise then they will be 1) untrustworthy 2) seeing Gurley leave.
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  43. It would be interesting to try to split the hard-core "who? whom?" types from the leftists who simply like to rail against authority. The second type is quite strange, and very rare anymore; one has to be interested in railing against authority for its own sake, because authority is so far left now.They were hung, apparently. I think you mean hanged. I was trying to find a pithy way to make the same point, thanks.Even killing a cop in PA won't get you executed.Quakers?
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  831. Haha, shouldn't you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!
  832. Is this new “soft power” that the United States possess anything more than the people of free countries reaching out to help the people in oppressed countries? The targets of this soft power are those that have access to the internet and realize how much better life is in western countries.In Putin’s cold war days, it was easier to isolate people from western influences by walls, iron curtains and jamming of Voice of America. Today, the ubiquitous presence of the internet and the ability of ordinary people to get information outside of official channels, poses a real problem to Mr. Putin and his friends.
  833. Thought about this for awhile, and for the short term bleach is #1. For the longer term though because bleach has an expired date on it in which it is no good, I would say a butt load of water filters would be number #1.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)
  834. So that's the case? Quite a revelation that is.
  835. Good for you for resisting the Smile cookie! And you work there!! My coworker has been getting at least, at least!, one a day. Yikes.Good luck with your 5k on Sunday!
  836. The picture shows strawberry cereal bars, and I'd like to try those. My son can not have artificial food dye, and nutrigrain bars have dye in the strawberry and mixed berry flavors. I'm guessing these would be safe for him.melissaelaine2299(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
  837. Thank you so much ‘Madame Croquette’ ~ I am delighted you came to visit this blog here. I found you from your like on my Non-GMO Projects post on my other site. Your lovely site makes me hungry for great homemade food! Thank you again for your sweet comment here dear one!
  838. This is just the perfect answer for all forum members
  840. Hey...Loved ur version of the podi Priti!!!! Must have tasted soooo good with hot rice..and ofcourse a generous dallop of ghee :)Prathima RaoPrats Corner
  841. Noossa, não acredito que a minha resenha ficou em seguundo lugaar! Estou muuito feliiz *-* Obrigada leitores, obrigaada Celisa querida!Adoreei todos os posts, principalmente a dos cosméticos mais desejados do mês e o poder dos alimentos antioxidantes. Parabééns!
  842. Awww, Elizabeth . . . your beautifully colored Tildas look fabulous on this lovely Get Well gift bag. So glad to see your entry at the Crafts and Me Stamps' digi team's "My Sentiments Exactly!" challenge. Hugz, ~ Rose