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  4. Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qut.eions..suntil now.
  5. Hey Deb,It's important to do whatever feels best to you. If you need baby steps, to be away from others, or with others....whatever it takes to feel better. Thinking of you, my friend.Dear Wanda,I also see things differently than those who don't have depression. Dear Sid,I hear you....I really prefer isolation and quiet away from others. It's not easy for me to be in groups or join in social things too.
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  7. No priests? Read Paul’s letters again, and the book of Acts. The English word “Priest” is a contraction of the word “presbyter” (no doubt you prefer the English translation “Elder”, but the the transcription remains a longer form of “priest”), which occurs often in the New Testament, as does “episcopos” (Bishop, or overseer, again depending on whether you prefer translation or transliteration).
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  11. SteveK And then again maybe Israel doesn’t want us to know the truth… A number of journalists have been killed over the years while covering fighting between the Jewish state and the Palestinian militant group, but not in targeted strikes that Israel acknowledged.
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  13. What fun you must be having during this holiday season. Your post brought a big smile to my face. Owen couldn’t be any cuter in those pictures; he looks so proud of himself! sending hugs and kisses your way.
  14. Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.
  15. " escolas estão a formar pessoas que não servem para nada..."Esta besta pertence ao grande grupo das bestas que vivem na Idade das Trevas! As pessoas - servem para - ou - servem-se de - ?! Alguém que saiba de História, que o avise que o Iluminismo aconteceu há já alguns anitos! e se ele quer servir para alguma coisa, que desapareça!
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  18. Catherine~ That's what I have discovered too, that you have to find that ONE thing they are willing to sell-out for. But man, I can't afford a $50 Buzz Lightyear every day! LOL I need a cheaper bribe! ;-)
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  22. Hallo,ich finde es natürlich nachvollziehbar und verständlich, wenn Künstler an ihrem geistigen Eigentum verdienen möchten und das sollen sie natürlich auch.Dann soll Julia das aber auch klipp und klar so sagen:“Ja ich möchte mit meinem Buch so schnell wie möglich so viel Geld wie möglich verdienen und jeder der es lesen will, soll gefälligst zahlen!!!!!”Das hat dann aber nichts mehr mit den Idealen der Piratenpartei zu tun!
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  24. the word better is an elxermety vague word. do you mean better as in work condition? salary? employment? education and time required to graduate as one? retirement benefits? .?? even if you choose any of these, everyone’s better will differentiate. it all depends on you, and what you like to do. what job fits your lifestyle and personality? and the answer to which job you prefer depends on which one holds more of your passion. i hope i helped.
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  28. Hi Shilpa, A to the point article and how very true.Books cannot be the know-all nor can they be sidelined. We need to depend on the inner knowledge that Ma Nature provides us mothers but also be graceful enough and open our minds to the knowledge that doctors, scientists have to provide via books and the like…..
  29. “Wow Fred. You’ve really outdone yourself here.”I disagree. Fredo is a knee-jerk, brain-dead zio who will defend israel of even individual Jews, regardless of the facts and even in start contravention to them. However, in this sole issue, Fredo is right. North Korea is the worst country on Earth. So give the devil his due.
  30. I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
  31. Hi Laylita!This blog is fabulous. I am also a fellow Seattleite currently living in Santiago Chile , writing food blog about my experiences. To help me get started I did some research and your blog is my absolute favorite for South American cuisine. I just used this empanada dough recipe and it turned out awesome. I made pino empanadas and cheese, tomato and spinach. Thanks so much!!!!
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  39. My next post will be on the origins of the Western tradition. I'm sure reverberations of the Iconoclastic controversy will come up. I think though, that the real Western struggle over Iconoclasm was the Reformation, which is beyond the projected scope of these posts.
  40. oh oh oh! very exciting!!! i'll have to make a south-of-the-border trip asap to check them out. imagine what you could get out of a whole sheet's worth of fabric!
  41. I’m curious..typically folks shoot at the higher ISO because they have insufficient light for shooting at a lower ISO and still getting a reasonably lit shot. Should your batch of high ISO shots been shot in darker circumstances or do you believe that the noise at a higher ISO would be the same regardless of how well or poorly lit was the subject?And I thought the new laptop was for work-in-the-field? Sounds like you’re in love and can’t let go
  42. Super b's mom:I saw those during the bloggy giveaway... I had one in my cart ready to purchase and well, I got sidetracked... how does that happen so often?! :)I think I need to make a point to get one because my hubs man does ROCK! :)
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  50. Nice job with this series, y’all. Granted, there is the notion of “new” ideas emerging from “sources unknown” (i.e. McCartney’s Yesterday, etc.) but most of these can be traced back to previous works. Very interesting.
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  52. “And you’re saying – what? – that being intolerant of intolerance is itself intolerant? This is no different than saying a civil rights activist is a race-baiter or is playing the race card”And I thought I was the only one who read Colin’s comments. Thanks.
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  77. I remember my Grandpa telling me about when some people came into the old folks home to sing wartime songs and he teased that all the old folk thought they were living through the blitz again and wanted to hide under the tables. At least I think he was teasing...I wonder if you confused anyone as to what the current decade is! At the very least you probably reminded them of their younger days!
  78. I took Lisa’s comment about how crass it is to talk about money as largely tongue-in-cheek. I think most if not all of us would either like to be able to support ourselves through our art, or would like to be able to congratulate other artists (Mormon and non-Mormon) in doing the same.
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  94. Cinco:So, being here illegal or driving without a license or smuggling drugs into this country is not breaking the law? Strange because when our city had one of those checkpoint roadblocks checking for just those same things, the sidewalks were lined for blocks and blocks with people holding their signs up and protesting the police stopping them and they weren't black either. Therefore, does this apply to this comment you made too?"If you don't follow the 'rules' you deserve the consequences. This isn't a game this is life."
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